Oracle VM Disaster Recovery

A lot of my clients ask me about Disaster Recovery in a OVM setup. I hope this new event of oracle gives us some more insight. You can register here. I’ll certainly check it out. The whitepaper the event is based on can be found here.

Consistency between the Primary and DR site is not handled in this paper.According to Oracle this is a task for the application (f.e. Dataguard ) or the Storage layer (f.e. EMC Recoverpoint ). The white paper handles all the necessary tasks to make sure vm’s can be seen and started on the DR site. I hoped there was more possible with the tight integration of UEK and OVM. But offcourse, is that really needed when you can already have consistency solutions on storage/application level?

I believe VMWare has some solutions for this. Anyone care to elaborate on those?




Installing rlwrap on Linux saves you time

Small Blog entry to spread the word. I hate having to manage a Linux system without this 😉 

rlwrap is an utility that allows you to use up and down arrows in the various commands like sqlplus, rman, adrci, … 
To enable it, you only have to do the following : 

  • Install readline-devel

    (root) # yum install readline-devel

  • Download latest rlwrap from and unzip it somewhere and Compile it.

    (root) # ./configure
    (root) # make
    (root) # make install

  • For OL6 you can use this RPM instead of manually making it:

    Then install it with :

    (root) # yum install rlwrap-0.37-1.el6.i686.rpm

  • Configure aliases in .bash_profile so that rlwrap gets enabled when you start the command

    alias sqlplus=”rlwrap sqlplus”
    alias dgmgrl=”rlwrap dgmgrl”
    alias rman=”rlwrap rman”
    alias lsnrctl=”rlwrap lsnrctl”
    alias asmcmd=”rlwrap asmcmd”
    alias adrci=”rlwrap adrci”
    alias impdp=”rlwrap impdp”
    alias expdp=”rlwrap expdp”

You’ll never go back again 😉