Converting a windows 2003R2 VM from VMWare vCenter to Oracle VM 3.x

With more and more VMWare customers choosing to use Oracle VM as virtualisation platform for running Oracle Software, the need rose at a client to convert some of the windows VM’s on vCenter to OVM. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a guide in the OVM 3 manual. I knew OVM 2.2 had a chapter about V2V, but only P2V gets covered in the OVM 3 manual.

This is the procedure I successfully followed :


  • Apply fix for kb31408 if you are using scsi devices in your VM. ( This is also documented in Metalink note. 754071.1 )
  • Uninstall vmware tools
  • Stop the VM ( Downtime starts here )
  • Make sure there are no snapshots on the vm.


  • Select the VM in vCenter and click on the menu bar on File > Export > OVF
  • When you get the question if you want a single OVA file, answer yes.
  • Place the exported ova file on the http server you use to import into OVM Manager. ( I use httpd on the ovm manager )


  • Follow all the usual steps you would follow to import an ova template into OVM.
    • Import as assembly
    • Create VM Template
    • Create VM
    • Start VM ( TIP: open the console before you boot, so you can follow the boot sequence ). If you receive a blue screen, chances are that you didn’t apply the fix for kb31408 correctly.


  • You need to reconfigure your network because the mac address of the network card in the vm has now changed. 
  • Reactivate windows ( because your hardware has changed )
  • Install the paravirtual drivers ( version 3.0.1 ) and reboot ( Downtime ends here )

And we had a running VM on OVM identical to the one we had on vCenter in about 45 minutes. Most of the time is spent in the export process of vCenter.


4 responses to “Converting a windows 2003R2 VM from VMWare vCenter to Oracle VM 3.x

  1. Hi,

    If you are using OVM 3.2.4 you can import the OVA image as a Virtual Machine and dont have to import the assembly, create template and then create a VM.

    Also, there is new version of PV Drivers for Windows available on MOS Patches Tab for OVM 3.2.4

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