OVM 3.2.1 Released

Just a quick blog entry to let people know OVM 3.2.1 is now officially released. You can find more info in Wim Coekaerts blog entry.

My favourites :

  • mysql database for OVM Manager
  • the OVM CLI ( ssh to port 10000 )
  • hot-add vnic
  • health tab
  • tagging




2 responses to “OVM 3.2.1 Released

  1. Thanks! I have a lot of new stuff to add that DR paper – I created some automation using the CLI, found out that the page83 cannot be duplicated between storage arrays under any circumstances and also figured out that matching UUIDs for the managers breaks Enterprise Manager and OpCenter.

    I’ve figured out solutions for these problems, but have yet to find time to update the doc

    • Thanks for your update Gregory. You probably meant to comment on https://bjornnaessens.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/oracle-vm-disaster-recovery/ . But appreciate the update on the procedure.

      One question I often get is how to perform this with an A-A cluster configuration. So instead of a Passive server pool waiting for a failure to occur and ready to be the DR location, a running cluster of OVM Servers for Test/Dev and once Prod needs DR, use these same servers and serverpool to run the production on it and stop Dev/Test.

      Any thought on that? I think that most still holds true, but that you need to make sure all networks are using different VLANs. A script with the ovm cli can make sure the correct vm’s are stopped and started.

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