News from Oracle Open World 2012

I’m just back from OOW and the following is a small summary of the items that were hot and new.

Clusterware 12c announced for 2013

  • Flexasm : ASM no longer needs to be on the same node as the database. Allows for HA on ASM level.
  • Flexcluster : Clusterware now has a lightweight mode in the installer for application/middletier setups. You can combine these with the normal clusterware mode to form 1 big cluster. ( hub nodes and leaf nodes )
  • You can now create a Scan vip for each public network.
  • gsd service is removed because there is no support for 9i databases on clusterware 12c.
  • Shared GNS : You can now have a shared GNS over multiple clusters.

Database 12c announced for 2013

  • RAC Application Continuity : First ever database to preserve commit outcome and ensure application continuity during unplanned downtime.
  • Pluggable Databases : Databases can now be plugged in a container. Consolidating the background processes, redo and undo.
  • Xstream : A GUI on streams apply/capture processes is further enhanced but only available when you have Golden Gate license.
  • dbua : now has backup/restore and moving database files during upgrade built in.
  • dbua : Gathering statistics is now optional.
  • dbua : Now runs the upgrade scripts in parallel mode. Speeding up the whole process.
  • smart flash : Can use SSD’s as extention of Buffer Cache.
  • RMAN : can now do recover table
  • RMAN : Standby databases can now use RMAN to apply an incremental backup automatically ( Recover database from for standby )
  • RMAN : Now automatically converts datafiles from 1 platform to the other. ( big-little endian )
  • dbconsole is renamed to “EM Express” and now runs from inside the database.
  • Many more new features but I concentrated on virtualization and linux during OOW while my colleague did 12c.

OVM 3.2.1 in public beta

  • Support for mySQL databases as repository for the OVM Manager
  • OVM Manager now supports OVM on SPARC
  • Statistics of OVM Servers now available in OVM Manager ( Health tab)
  • Minor GUI changes and fixes
  • UEK2 kernel in dom0 for driver compatibility with Oracle Linux
  • OVM CLI now integrated and further enhanced
  • next Beta refresh will contain open Vswitch
  • OVM is now integrated in ODA and Exalogic, but each node has a local OVM cluster. No HA.

Oracle Linux

  • ksplice : allows for kernel upgrades without downtime
  • yum security updates : Now possible to apply only security updates to your system using yum
  • Dtrace : Solaris utility that was ported to Oracle Linux.
  • BTRFS : ZFS-like filesystem for Linux.
  • UEK3 is coming
  • SELinux profiles for every oracle product will be provided in the future
  • Linux Containers : Allows for isolation of applications while maintaining 1 OS.
  • support for swapfile over NFS
  • cgroups : Allows for limiting CPU,IO and memory on process level.

Acquisition of Xsigo was announced

  • Allows for virtualizing of network layer.
  • Will be integrated in OVM Manager in future releases.

    • I’ll try to focus on some of these new things in later Blogposts. As always if you have some questions, feel free to contact me or comment.


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