Recommended Authors – B.V. Larson

I have to admit something. I’m an organizing freak. I love putting stars and ratings on things i see/hear and do. I love ordering a bunch of files in the correct folders and I totally love all the tools for keeping track of those things.

One of those tools is the amazon website. When you create an account you have the ability to flag books as owned and rate them from 1 to 5 stars. I just love that! What’s even better is that rating those books has a consequence other than giving me a satisfied feeling. Recommendations are bases on these ratings. It’s because of those recommendations that I found the author B.V. Larson. An Indi writer publishing through Amazon.

I was surprised at how well his books were written. I started the Star Force series and the story is something fresh in the scifi genre to me. Swarm, the first book of Star Force series, I read in 24 hours. I could only lay it down to get some food and drinks, seldom has a story captivated me so much. I’m now reading extinction, book 2 of Star Force, and the author keeps adding new and fresh aspects to the story. I’m totally hooked.

I can’t wait to start on his fantasy novels. Check him out on amazon :

And his personal webpage where he talks about online publishing as an indi writer.

Don’t forget to leave feedback when you like a book on amazon, it’s the best way to support these indi writers so that they get noticed by a larger audience.







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