Finding a replacement for PuttyCM on mac


I’m having some issues with puttycm in my vm, especially integration between mac en vm.

  • puttycm window doesn’t jump to foreground when clicked, my desktop also doesn’t go to correct viewspace.
  • Copy pasting from mac to puttycm fails suddenly, have to reboot to make it work again ( could be a Parallel tools problem )

On top of this, I’m still trying to get to a machine without windows vm running in the background. So the search for a replacement started. The keyfeatures i wanted in a replacement are :

  • tabbed connections
  • easily adjusted profiles for colors, layout, X11 options. ( cfr to putty profiles )
  • Some kind of Connection library with folders for each customer.
  • Able to send a command to all tabs or visible windows
  • Able to logon automatically ( login macro in puttycm )

After a long search I finally found a program that atleast fits a lot of the requirements. Zoc. ( ). 30 days evaluation and 80$ to buy. Not a cheap product but worth it if it does what i need. And it does. Try it out, you’ll see 😉

I’ll post my further experiences with it in this blogpost.





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