Experiences with ZOC replacing puttycm on MAC

ZOC is more powerfull than I thought. I never thought I would say this, But I think it’s even better than puttycm.


  • The big advantage over puttycm is that SCP is built into the interface. You can upload and download files with ease without having to start filezilla or scp and open a new connection.


  • The Directory that contains all the ssh sessions can be ordered by customer.


  • autologin capability is there.
  • Connections can be opened in new tab or new window. To get the same effect as puttycm we can open multiple windows next to eachother.
  • exposé like display that shows all connections in 1 window to easily switch connections.
  • You can scroll back in a connection in a seperate window. Big plus over putty ( no more jumping back down while output is streaming on the screen )
  • You can search in the scroll back buffer !!
  • Copy paste can be set the same as in putty ( select = copy, paste = right mouse button )
  • Paste can automatically ignore the ending newline in the data so that commands aren’t accidentally executed immediately.
  • Autoconnect allows you to start a conenction on a server that is rebooting. The program will auto reconenct every x seconds untill it is connected.


  • In each profile you can select colors, layout, X11 connections, keyboard setup, logging, Quickkeys, terminal setup ( cfr. putty )


  • Each profile can get macros bound to a shortcut key or button.



The Negative

  • Haven’t found a way yet to send a command to multiple windows or tabs at the same time

** UPDATE 17-06-2011 **

The nice people of emtec have explained me that sending commands to multiple tabs is possible. The tabs don’t even have to be visible ( in contrast to puttycm ). Just enable local typing. You’ll get a command line where you can select the option to send the command to multiple tabs :






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